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Щепа древесная

Fuel briquette "Barbeque Logs"
Chimney Logs

Briquette Chimney Logs

Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"

Special offer! From 25. 09. 2011 till 25. 11. 2011
Pure oak fuel briquettes only for 1600 UAH/t
Under the condition of purchasing over 1 ton

So, you've made up your mind to buy firewood. Our offer includes only high-quality wood for burning. Be aware of:

  1. Firewood with different hardness provides different quantity of heat! Widely used species of hardwood that provides you with the best heating value are - grape-vine and fruit firewood (i.e. apple tree, plum tree, pear tree, cherry tree), the second position is taken by oak and ash-tree, then broadleaved species (i.e. birch, alder), conifer possess the lowest heating value.

  2. Fire logs with different hardness have different moisture content! Softwood is more putrescible and subject to structure of fiber change. While evaporating inherent moisture we may waste time and precious heat energy.

  3. Fire logs with different hardness provide with different ash quantity! Ash-content may be caused by number of factors: bark sand, fire-resistive minerals within softwood and bark. Thus, to assure qualitative burning process it would be necessary to increase the flow of draft (air access), continuous poking for air access. Fire-brand may be also present.

  4. Softwood, thus and oil woods also may choke a chimney with soot!

That is why as an alternative to widespread fuel types - wood and coal, which are essential for home heating, boilers, chimneys and burners heating up - comes firewood briquettes, made from hardwoods and known at market as "chimney logs" or "barbeque logs" (hereinafter "heat logs").

"Heat logs" briquettes are made from natural fruit or oak chipped wood by compression at the temperature less than 300C.

"Heat logs" production technology does not include the usage of woods infected by aphid or fungus, chemical additives or agglutinants. 100% pure!

It is worth to know:

Storage area for "Heat logs" may be four times smaller compared to fire wood or coal storage, with no dust, dirt and trash!

"Heat logs" combustion heat makes 4702 Kcal/kg = 5,56 kW*h/cub.m, that is 1,6-2 times more than fire woods! And it is equal to coal's combustion heat! This means that single briquette is enough to provide heat to 50 sq.m. area with height 2,8m during one hour!

"Heat logs" main features:

  1. Economically reasonable: price, delivery, storage, fuel consumption.
  2. Ergonomical packing is easy for transporting and storage. Cardboard packing may be used for firing.

  3. Even and rapid firing of the briquette. Burning lasts up to 60 min. Moisture content - less than 5%, compared to fire wood's moisture content - less than 30%. After burning comes log's smoldering.

  4. Oak's briquettes smoldering process provides with equal heat energy emission. For example: 12 logs burn and smolder during 7-8 hours. Area recommended for heating and microclimate maintaining: 250 cub.m.
  5. Heat logs burnt safely without sparkles, soot, smoke or carbonic oxide.

  6. Heat logs burnt safely without chimney choking, giving it content of immaterial amount of wood resin.

  7. Heat logs burnt has pleasant wood fragrance of a given wood.

  8. Heat logs burnt completely with no ash or by-products. Ash-content less than 1,1%.

Environment and health friendly. 100% hypoallergical.

It is worth to know: Minimal air access is enough for heat logs burning! Chimney slide valve may be almost completely shut, damper - slightly open. Correctly constructed chimney may allow to use fire logs at shut chimney slide valve that the heat will be saved.

The best choice of "Barbeque logs" broadleaved woods briquettes:

  • «Fruit trees barbeque logs». Wood mix: apple, pear, cherry, grape-vine, oak chipped wood .
  • «Apple and oak barbeque logs»
  • «Cherry and oak barbeque logs»

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us, and our specialists may advise you on special wood logs needed!

Our fuel briquettes are successfully used in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, and Russia.

We offer you high-quality product!

"Chimney logs" and "Barbeque logs" packing:

Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"
Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"
Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"


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