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Щепа древесная

Fuel briquette "Barbeque Logs"
Chimney Logs

Briquette Fuel briquette "Barbeque Logs"

Fuel briquette "Barbeque Logs" Fuel briquette "Barbeque Logs"

Barbeque Logs - fruit briquette

Time to time we enjoy cooking on outdoors grills, chargrills or barbeques. Thus, the questions, that always with us is:

  • Which kind of fuel to choose (coal, firewood or briquettes)?

  • How much fuel is needed to have enough time for cooking?
  • Whether fuel contains harmful ingredients?
  • Whether fuel contains pinewood or other wood, which resin may influence taste qualities?
  • Whether we can keep hands, clothes, luggage boot clean while transporting the fuel and process of cooking?
  • Which kind of fuel is considered to be the best according to its price, quality and quantity?

We can offer you wood briquettes known at market as "barbeque logs" or "chimney logs" (hereinafter "heat logs"), made from natural chipped wood by compression at the temperature less than 300C.

"Heat logs" production technology does not include the usage of woods infected by aphid or fungus, chemical additives or agglutinants.

The best choice of "Barbeque logs" woods briquettes:

  • «Fruit trees barbeque logs». Wood mix: apple, pear, cherry, grape-vine, oak chipped wood.
  • «Apple and oak barbeque logs»
  • «Cherry and oak barbeque logs»

"Barbeque logs" main features:

  1. Economically reasonable: for example six logs may replace 5 kg of coal or 15 kg of woods.
  2. Environment and health friendly. 100% hypoallergical.
  3. Even and rapid firing of the briquette. Burning lasts up to 60 min. Moisture content - less than 5%, compared to fire wood's moisture content - less than 30%.
  4. Continuous and soft heat comes from log's smoldering during 2,5-3 hours. (Our partners from Moscow have tested the duration of logs smoldering. Under the condition of low air access logs were smoldering for 4,5 hours!)
  5. While smoldering process heat logs do not inflame from oil drops
  6. Heat logs burnt safely without sparkles, soot, smoke or carbonic oxide.
  7. Heat logs burnt has pleasant wood fragrance of a given wood.
  8. Heat logs burnt completely with no ash or by-products. Ash-content less than 1,1%.
  9. Ergonomical packing is easy for transporting and storage. Cardboard packing may be used for firing.

"Barbeque logs" packaging types

  1. Logs quantity: 6. Weight: 5 kg. Dimensions: 310х150х100 mm. Logs are coved by heat shrinkable tape.
  2. Logs quantity: 12. Weight: 10 kg. Dimensions: 310х150х100 mm. Logs are coved by heat shrinkable tape.
  3. Logs quantity: 6. Weight: 5 kg. Dimensions:325х155х110 mm. Logs are coved by heat shrinkable tape.
  4. Logs quantity: 4. Weight: 3,4 kg. Dimensions: 325х155х110 mm. Logs are packed into cardboard.


  • According to information provided by our Moscow partners heat logs’ briquettes for barbeque was the “top seller” at elite cottages villages in Moscow and Moscow region during 2010. “Barbeque logs” briquettes are also welcomed in Germany, Check Republic, Austria and Slovenia.
  • Read carefully briquettes application sheet!
  • If used correctly, following application sheet advice, 6-briquettes package (5kg) is enough for cooking 3 main courses for 15 persons!
  • Watch video!

The best choice of “Chimney logs” logs briquettes:

  • «Fruit mix chimney logs»
  • «Oakchimney logs»
  • «Pine woodchimney logs»

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us, and our specialists may advise you on special wood logs needed!

We offer you high-quality product!

“Chimney logs” and “Barbeque logs” packing:

 Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"
Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"
 Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"
Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"
Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"

 Fuel briquette "Chimney Logs"


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